General Orientation

Welcome to the main help screen for NFC's WebProducts™.  This online help is designed to assist you by explaining how to use the system.

Screen Layout

The WebProducts™ screen is divided into 3 sections.  The top is the header and remains consistent through most pages.  The left side of the page contains a menu which allows you to navigate between different sections of the system.  The largest area on the right side of the page is the display area.  This is where information is requested and displayed.

The header section contains several links which display on each page.  Clicking the Hide Menu link will increase the size of the display area by hiding the menu section of the screen.  When you hide the menu, the link changes to Show Menu, which when clicked will show the menu section once again.

The header section also displays your name once you have logged into the system, along with a Log Out link.  Clicking the Log Out link will sign you off from the system, and you will then need to login before once again gaining access.

Finally, the header section contains links for Contact Us, Other Services and Privacy Policy.  Clicking the Contact Us link opens the NFC Global website and displays the page containing details on how to contact our company for assistance or information.  Clicking the Other Services link opens the NFC Global website so you can explore the full range of services offered by NFC and how they can assist your organization.  Clicking the Privacy Policy link opens the NFC Global website and displays our current privacy policy.

Online Help

A Help link appears in the upper right hand corner of each page where applicable.  Clicking on this link from any page opens a separate window of your browser and displays the help topic that applies to the specific page you were using.  This page also includes a link to the Help table of contents, so you can browse other help topics if you choose.


Forms are the screens you use to enter information into the system.  These screens contain areas where information can be typed in and submitted.

Required Fields

When a form is displayed, you may see a red asterisk * displayed next to an item.  This indicates an item which is a required field. Required fields are pieces of information which must be entered. Items not indicated with a red asterisk are optional, and may or may not be entered.Keep in mind that in most cases the more information you enter the more accurate and thorough the results you receive will be, so it's a good idea to enter as much information as you can.

Welcome Screen


One of the menu items displayed on the Welcome screen is Signup.  Selecting this item will take you to the signup process, allowing you to create a new customer account for access to NFC's WebProducts™.  Accounts consist of a customer and specific users.  Each customer account can have many users.  Select this item only if you do not already have an NFC WebProducts™ customer account.  If your company already has a customer account and needs to setup additional user accounts, please contact your Customer Administrator or NFC.


One of the menu items displayed on the Welcome screen is Login.  Selecting this item will take you to the login page.  This is where users who are already registered can submit their username and password for access to the system.

Supported Browsers

This link will take you to the supported browsers page of the help system.  This is where you will find information about the web browsers and versions supported by the NFC WebProducts™ system.

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